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Shenzhou Ecological Park
Brief Introduction to Shenzhou Ecological Park

Chishan Island, the largest island in the Dongtinghu Lake, is located in the north of Hunan Province and belongs to Yuanjiang Municipality in jurisdiction. Yuannan Grade I Highway runs from north to south of the island, connecting Yiyang County and Nan County. The highway is also connected with Changzhang expressway. Consequently, the island enjoys convenient water and land transportation advantages.
The Dragon and Tiger Forest Farm is like a shining pearl located on the Chishan Island, where exuberant forest and old trees reaching into the sky can be seen everywhere. The farm covers all plant species on the island and is thus the most beautiful scenic spot by itself. Shenzhou Ecological Park is just situated in the middle of the Red Star Mountain of the farm, only 10 kilometers away from Yuanjiang city.
Currently, the park occupies over 70 mu of land, consisting of three major functional districts: the comprehensive service management district, the economic forest development district and the secondary forest scenic district. It is a share-holding economic entity, which provides the following functions: leisure, sightseeing, fitness, entertainment, hospitality accommodation, meetings, health preservation culture operation and green industry development.

Main Building of the Comprehensive Management Service District
The comprehensive management service district occupies 5 mu of land and the floor space of the main building reaches 1,104㎡. Restaurant and multi-functional conference room are located on the first floor. There are rooms on the second and third floors. This district is the management service center of the park.

Full view of the cinnamomum camphora plantation on the back hillside
View of the vegetable plot among the trees

The economic forest development district occupies 15 mu, which used to be waste hilly land and vegetable plots. Up to now, over 1,700 camphor trees have been planted which grow exuberantly. Domestic livestock such as local chickens, silky fowl, ducks, etc., are raised within the area where you can fully experience the courtyard life of the rural area.

Exuberant forest, natural oxygen bar
Path in woodland
Peak view of the Red Star Mountain
View of the bamboo grove

The secondary forest district is the forest source which has been protected in a comprehensive way. This area is densely wooded, where you can see and admire the sights of wild animals like rabbits, pheasants and various birds. While taking a walk, you can also breathe the fresh air, savor the forest atmosphere and enjoy the health and happiness brought by the forest bath.

Front view of the park
Tall and straight fir trees on the right side of the park
Orange park on the back slope
Dongtinghu Lake view with water and sky merging into one color (in the northwest corner)

Shenzhou Ecological Park is quietly located among the mountains and forests, where beautiful environment can be found, full of the chirping of birds and fragrance of flowers. It is so peaceful and pleasing as to be the real wonderland for health preservation and the green home for soaring dreams!
We are looking forward to your kind presence.