Hunyuan Health Preservation Practice
Shenzhou Ecological Park
Master Zhao Jinxiang &
Hunyuan (Integral) Health Preservation Practice

The Chinese health preservation culture enjoys a long tradition. For thousands of years, great endeavors have been made in health preservation and fitness practices, and rich theories and practical experiences have been accumulated. Consequently, precious excellent works such as “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine”, “Tao Te Ching” and “Thousand Pieces of Golden Formulas” have been inherited by us as the descendants. With the inheritance of ancestors’ cultural heritage which fully reflects their wisdom, we need to ask ourselves the following questions: Based upon the fertile land of the traditional health preservation culture, as the modern people living in the 21st century, how can we develop the kinds of health preservation theory and practice method which are consistent with the modern social life characteristics and necessities so as to further improve people’s livelihood; How can we live up to our ancestors’ hard efforts? In the 1980s, just as a spring thunder on the land of China, China Soaring Crane Health Preservation Practice (SCQ) was born. As the primary foundation of Primeval Hunyuan (Integral) Health Preservation Practice, SCQ can smooth the channels and collaterals quickly, is highly efficient in treating diseases and can tap the potentials promptly. Thus, it is deeply cherished by the masses and has soon spread across the country. There are over ten millions of practitioners within a few years and it has further disseminated to dozens of other countries and regions. Unprecedented achievement has been obtained because of the fast dissemination speed, wide coverage and profound influence.
The remarkable achievement of SCQ cannot be separated from the great contributions of the founder of Primeval Hunyuan School Master Zhao Jinxiang, who had already attained enlightenment. Master Zhao was born in Ling County of Shandong Province (it used to be called as Pingyuan County in the ancient times, being the hometown of ancient celebrities such as the famous diviner Dongfangshuo and the renowned calligrapher Yanzhenqing). Traditionally, martial arts and meditation practices are popular among the local people. Master Zhao’s father was good at health preservation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and his grandma was a vegetarian and did all kinds of good deeds. Edified by the traditional culture since childhood, Master Zhao had developed special talents and qualifications. After being contracted with severe disease when he was a teenager, during the long term fight against it, he took the initiative not only to receive medical treatment, but to make unremitting researches on health preservation methods and TCM theories. With the special prenatal opportunities, he had recovered health while attaining profound level of health preservation practice. SCQ created by Master Zhao is the inheritance of the essence of the traditional practices, and it is also the output of Tao achieved from his meditation practices. Based upon the natural law of Yin and Yang and the corresponding practicing methods, SCQ has the combination of both movement and stillness. It has the magic integration of both the posture and the mind, while incorporating numerous esoteric methods and formulas. While being similar to TCM, it is superior to medical skills or prescriptions. In particular, Master Zhao was so courageous as to develop the Standing Meditation While absorbing correctly predecessors’ experiences. The spontaneous phenomenon arising from the Meditation is more consistent with the life movement rules of the human body, enjoying features of returning to nature and being highly efficient in curing diseases. Thus, the Standing Meditation is called by vast practitioners as the “excellent doctor”.
Practices show that 95.4% of chronic disease sufferers have achieved marked effect after 2 to 3 months of health preservation practice of Primeval Hunyuan School, and 74.3% of them have been close to complete recovery. The most effective treatment can be found in the following diseases: chronic gastritis, gastric and duodental ulcer, chronic colitis, functional disorder of the stomach or intestines, habitual constipation, and other illnesses along the digestive tract; bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, emphysema, tuberculosis, allergic asthma, and other illnesses along the respiratory tract; rheumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, and pains in the waist and/or in the lower extremities caused by lumbar spur or renal deficiency; nervous disorders like neuro-headache; prostatitis, failure in seminal liquefaction, male and female infertility, and other illnesses in the genitourinary system; cardiopathy, hypertension, hypotension, sequela of hemiplegia and other cardiovascular diseases; toxic gas poisoning, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, AIDS and other diseases in the endocrine system. 58% of effective rate has been achieved from the experiment carried out among 100 cases of Hepatitis B patients within 6 months of practice. Besides, various occupational diseases can also be prevented or treated with practices, e.g., nautical diseases, radiation sickness, toxicosis in chemical industry and silicosis, ect. The resistance capability of the human body against harsh environment can also be drastically enhanced, e.g., the reactions to high mountains, high temperature, rotations and car or ship sickness. In addition, body constitution can be strengthened, intelligence be further tapped and aging be deferred.
For over one decade, with continuous researches and innovations, Master Zhao gradually publicized to the masses various health preservation methods of deepening contents and yet the same origin. He disclosed the endless mysteries of high level practice achievements. SCQ is the first step practice of the Primeval Hunyuan School, which consists of the Five Routines, the Standing Meditation, the Eight Remedy Routines, the Crane Walking Practice and the Intelligence Development and Eyesight Improvement Practice. It has the following major functions: to smooth the channels and collaterals, to open or close the acupoints, to treat diseases and preserve health and to keep the small cosma of human body smooth and unblocked. China Zi Zai Health Preservation Practice is step two of the Primeval Hunyuan School, which consists of the Six Characters Formula of Heart Practice, the Zi Zai Head and Face Practice, the Zi Zai Lying Meditation Practice, and the Zi Zai Sitting Meditation. It mainly functions to store the qi and cultivate the spirit, to consolidate the fundamentals, to integrate the small cosma of the human body with the universe so as to achieve the blurred oneness state with the features of “integrating the three dantian into one” and “the middle channel reaching to the vertex”. In addition, China Healthcare Practice has been frequently applied in practical cases for disease diagnosis and treatment. Those practices form the Health Preservation System of the Primeval Hunyuan School, which is unique, systematic and highly safe and reliable. It has incorporated the various practice postures such as walking, standing, sitting and lying and covered the expiration and inspiration methods and movement guidance, while utilizing the esoteric formulas and gestures.
Master Zhao had been attaching great importance to moral cultivation, advocating the motto of “morality being the origin of health preservation while Tao being the source of it”. He always regarded good moral cultivation as the top priority, contributing forcefully to human beings’ spiritual civilization and social stability. He was good at integrating his own wisdom with that of the masses. Since 1985, he had chaired five national academic conferences and two “Golden Crane Cup” competitions, providing strong guidance on academic studies and deepening health preservation activities among the public. In order to give lectures, Master Zhao had traveled across the country, paying numerous visits to the cities, the rural areas, the central government agencies, the local organizations, the factories, the army, the schools and the poor mountainous areas. Besides, he was invited twice to visit America, and gave lectures to UN HQ and its Swiss Branch on several occasions. He was highly praised by officials from different countries and was warmly received by former Vice Secretary General of UN Mr. Ji Chaozhu, who specially arranged a three-hour meeting with Master Zhao. He had also been invited to give lectures in dozens of countries and regions such as Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, etc. Consequently, the oriental traditional culture of Chinese health preservation practice has yielded unusually brilliant results abroad. Therefore, Master Zhao’ name has been recorded in the famous books of “Who’ Who in the World”, “Historical Records of Famous People”, “Descendants of the Orient”, and “Full Records of the Chinese Elite”, etc.
The 21st century will be a brand-new century which is more open than the previous one, and the Health Preservation Practice of the Primeval Hunyuan School will surely attract more and more attention. The practice belongs not only to China, to the Orient, but to the world. It existed in ancient times, gradually evolves into the present, and definitely will further develop prosperously into the future. We have good reason to believe that the practice is in the leading position to motivate modern cutting-edge scientific development, contributing further to human beings’ civilization progress!